November 26, 2011

What Will the One-World Religion Be?

How to Prepare for the Coming Depression (Excerpt)
By Kenneth Uptegrove,
Originally Published in July 2007 - Now, let’s go another direction for a minute.

The Bible speaks of a one-world religion that will deceive people of every religion on earth in the latter part of the last days. But I think this religion has ALWAYS been the world religion. What can that religion be?

It is highly improbable, and seemingly inconceivable, that any existing religion (Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Jewish or Christianity, etc.) could convert the whole world to its doctrine, but religions such as Islam would like to force all living humans into submission to their religion.

That will be the goal of this false religion, not to convert, but force us to need them in order to survive. How can that be done?

Most people's religion is a traditional heritage, a religious veneer that covers their underlying love of money and the power it brings (to dominate and survive): The love of money, and the power it brings (to dominate and survive). In a word: Self, the most primal of instincts.

Christians whose subliminal God is money show that they can be seduced and drawn from God. Since the love of money is the world religion, God will cast down this false God, this idol of worship. Therefore it should not surprise us that a worldwide depression is imminent.

I think that Bill Clinton (when running for president) was a prophet to the antichrist system/religion when he said, "It is the economy, stupid!" My study of world history shows me that the antichrist system is so subtle, so subversive, so wise, but so powerful — all at the same time — that very few are aware of its existence. This religion originated in the Garden of Eden when Satan originally sold this lie to Adam and Eve.

A religion is anything you love, admire, and devote most of your attention to. Self-preservation — the survival instinct — is so basic to human nature that we don't think about it, or write about it, or preach sermons on it.

That is why the one-world religion can be described as the perfect conspiracy, because it is a subliminal, subconscious religion. We treasure, and are driven, by the gratuitous instinct to survive; and that can be defined as a subliminal, invisible religion.

Way too many Christians vote their pocketbook and for the power to dominate. Look at what is generally called Bible believing Christians. They appear to be zealous in their faith, yet way too many vote in diametric contradiction to the Word of God when they vote their pocketbook and forget that they are also voting for abortion, the homosexual agenda, anti-Americanism, and socialism (i.e., the most antichrist and liberal of political candidates).
"True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence." - Franklin Delanor Roosevelt
In other words, when we lose our economic security, we also lose our freedom, and are forced to survive any way we can.

I called Bill Clinton a prophet because his, "It’s the economy, stupid" prophecy was fulfilled. The nation believed him... and his subliminal, one-world religion message of self-preservation.

The Bible shows me a coming world leader who will exploit this self-preservation instinct and will bring this religion to its logical conclusion. And if possible, even some of the very elect will be deceived by this appeal to their pocketbook and personal security.

On the one hand this is a gloom and doom message, but on the other hand this is the age (the days just prior to the Second Coming) when the Church will come forth in her greatest power, glory, and victory.

The cruel, demented leadership of Adolph Hitler probably directly resulted in more death and destruction than any other single individual in history. The name Hitler will forever be one of the most ugly scars on human history. However, even Churchill acknowledged that if Hitler had died in 1938, he would have been considered one of the greatest leaders of all time.

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