January 15, 2010

Green Cross Earth Charter: The New Ten Commandments

Globalists' New Age Religion (Video Part 1 of 2)

By Lee Penn

The Earth Charter is the brainchild of Mikhail Gorbachev (acting as chairman of Green Cross International) and Maurice Strong, a wealthy and influential proponent of world government. (Ted Turner is involved here, too - as a member of the Green Cross International board, and as a recipient of the Green Cross International "Founder's Award" in 1998; the Rockefeller Brothers Fund is supporting Earth Charter activities in ten Third World countries.)

Gorbachev views this proposed Earth Charter as "a kind of Ten Commandments, a 'Sermon on the Mount,' that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond."

The Earth Charter is being circulated worldwide "with the goal of enlisting wide support for the document and its principles in civil society, religious communities, and national councils of sustainable development. Special efforts will be made to promote the adoption of Earth Charter values in all sectors of society and to integrate Earth Charter values into educational programs." They will also seek to influence "the teachings of formal and non formal educational institutions and of spiritual and religious groups," and to redirect "popular culture by mobilizing public opinion for sustainable development through mass media." Charter planners intend to "translate the Earth Charter principles" into codes of conduct for doctors, lawyers, engineers, and financial managers.

By design, the Earth Charter will affect the laws and regulations that govern our lives, from City Hall to Washington DC.

Velvet Glove: the Earth Charter's Soft Socialism

The basis of the Earth Charter is the belief that "Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life" - the Gaia hypothesis. The Charter states that "a dramatic rise in population has increased the pressures on ecological systems and has overburdened social systems." This is the "Population Bomb" argument.

The Charter preamble suggests that "we can resolve to balance and harmonize individual interests with the common good, freedom with responsibility, diversity with unity, short term objectives with long term goals, economic progress with the flourishing of ecological systems." This assumes that the human race is a unitary "we" that can arrive at a "balance" of these interests that is acceptable to all. Language contrasting self-interest and the common good is not original; a founding slogan of the Nazis was "Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz" - "Common Good Before Personal Gain." To bring about the desired changes, everyone must update their beliefs: "The challenges humanity faces can only be met if people everywhere acquire an awareness of global interdependence, identify themselves with the larger world, and decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility."

Iron Fist: the "Green Cross Earth Charter Philosophy"

However, another document on the Earth Charter web site, "The Green Cross Earth Charter Philosophy," takes a much harder line. First comes the call for "fundamental economic, social and cultural changes."

"The current course of development is thus clearly unsustainable. Current problems cannot be solved by piecemeal measures. More of the same is not enough. Radical change from the current trajectory is not an option, but an absolute necessity. Fundamental economic, social and cultural changes that address the root causes of poverty and environmental degradation are required and they are required now."

Then comes the call for zero population growth and zero economic growth. The needs of the world's poor will be met by "reducing material over-consumption by the rich minority:"
Principle 6: "Stabilization of the World's Population - World population must stabilize. Such a balance can be reached through cooperation: an improvement in living conditions, quality of life, fairness, education and the eradication of poverty.

Principle 7: "Zero-Growth of Material Economy - Even allowing for rapid technological improvements, resources are finite. A basic sustainable level of per capita material consumption will have to be reached in accordance with the Earth's natural resource constraints. This requires both increasing the material consumption of the people now living in poverty and reducing material over-consumption by the rich minority."
Scientific uncertainty about the efficiency, efficacy, and necessity of radical environmental policies will not be allowed to interfere:
Principle 12: "Precautionary Principle - Precaution must be the basic organizing principle of environmental management. Scientific uncertainty should be used for objective assessment and not as an excuse for delaying action.

Principle 13: "Prevention of Environmental Damage - Protection of the environment is most effective when environmental harm is prevented rather than cured. End-of-pipe solutions are not sustainable and must be replaced by preventive action which stops problems before they arise. Prevention ensures a common inheritance for future generations."
To enforce all this, there must be "global sovereignty" which must not be "subservient to the rules of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights." The new international ruler must have "independence and power to facilitate agreement between all societal actors:"
Principle 14: "Global Sovereignty - The protection of the Biosphere, as the Common Interest of Humanity, must not be subservient to the rules of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights. The idea of Global Sovereignty must be supported by a shift in values which recognize this Common Interest.

Implementation 1: "The creation of an international body for the Sustainability of Human Life on the Earth. This body must have the independence and power to facilitate agreement between all societal actors to support the protection of the Biosphere as the Common Interest of Humanity."
At the 1995 State of the World Forum, Maurice Strong said regarding the Earth Charter: "We shouldn't wait until political democracy paves the way. We must act now." Then, after the Charter is adopted and implemented - with or without a democratic process - the new "international body" will not "be subservient to the rules of state sovereignty, demands of the free market or individual rights." Such are the principles that Gorbachev and Strong - and their collaborators in the interfaith movement - would have us adopt as a new covenant with the earth, a new Ten Commandments.

Can It Happen?: Maurice Strong's Global Influence

Maurice Strong has the position and the influence to make himself heard worldwide. Strong, Chairman of the Earth Council, is on the board of the World Economic Forum (WEF); Klaus Schwab, president and founder of the WEF, is a member of the Earth Council. The WEF, which meets annually in Davos, Switzerland, describes itself - with good reason - as "the most significant global business summit bringing together close to 2,000 business and political leaders, experts, academics, and members of the media, to set the global agenda for the coming year." For example, Bill Gates, Yasser Arafat, Benjamin Netanyahu, Muhammad Hosni Mubarak (President of Egypt), Donna Shalala (Secretary of Health and Human Services), Viktor Chernomyrdin (Prime Minister of Russia), the presidents of Romania, Hungary, and Poland, Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General), Michael Bon (CEO of France Telecom), John Smith (CEO of General Motors), Peter Sutherland (Chairman of Goldman-Sachs), Kim Woo-Choong (Chairman of Daewoo Corporation), and Jürgen Schrempp (Chairman of Daimler-Benz) attended the 1997 session of the World Economic Forum. According to Forbes magazine, George Soros is one of the "regulars" at these meetings.

"An abridged version of this information is appearing in the series of articles titled "The United Religions Initiative: Foundations for a World Religion" (Part 1 and Part 2). The first article was published in the spring of 1999 and the second part in the fall of 1999 by the Journal of the Spiritual Counterfeits Project. You may order the complete stories from the Journal, or subscribe to the Journal, by calling (510) 540-0300, or by writing to the Spiritual Counterfeits Project, Post Office Box 4308, Berkeley, CA 94704, or by visiting the SCP web site."

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